A hands-on Estate Manager that homeowners desire. High performance with grace under pressure and flawless professionalism.

Achieving excellence and what is expected is part of understanding service.

Handling all aspects of estates large and small, including arrival and departure service.

V ery unique: This would be an accurate definition of my experience and career progression within the field of Luxury Estate Management.
I’m an outstanding communicator appreciated by employers for the highest integrity and discretion. I present strong leadership, underpinned by organizational expertise and attention to detail.

I dentifiably genuine: Loyalty, an important attribute as a Household manager. I was involved in the management of significant and extensive residential properties owned by senior members of a prominent Royal Family.

P rivate service: In an industry where many households occupy prominent positions in prestigious locations within their respective cities, high-quality service is crucial.
Those who have worked alongside me know I am a spirited and self-motivated worker who thrives in challenging environments. I’m constantly striving to improve personally and professionally.

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Freelance Estate Management Services

Creating first impressions that become lasting impressions. Reliable service so that your property is being regularly checked in your absence. With regular inspections, ensuring that everything is running perfectly: check on minor repairs, organise professional cleaning, care of fine fabrics and clothing, maintenance of sophisticated home technology, pool and gardens, monitor expenses, pay bills, and organise maintenance work. In essence, simply ensuring your home is prepared for you and your guests.

Personal Assistance

I handle all aspects of Lifestyle Management, so you can relax and travel in style. Tailor-made services for Royal Families, ultra-high net worth individuals, and high-profile executives worldwide. I can also serve as your travel companion.

  • Support daily operations
    Address issues and concerns, troubleshoot, and conduct corrective measures.
  • Run administrative & personal errands
    Handle a wide range of specific needs and requirements on behalf of Principal.
  • Travelling assistant & companion
    Assist while traveling, including flights, accommodations and ground transportation.
  • Attention to detail
    Discreet, reliable, able to scrutinize and plan everything in minute detail.

    Estate Management

    Oversee all aspects of maintenance and repairs to the estate grounds and buildings, management across multiple properties, overseeing security and technology management, care of fine artwork, silver, antiques, staff and budget.

    • Increased efficiency
      Responsible for implementing workflow based on owner's directions. Ensuring the quality of documentation.
    • Cost effectiveness
      Reduce the cost of operations without sacrificing quality.
    • Work productivity
      Passionate to be part of the private service industry because I “have a service heart.”
    • In-House house staff training
      Provide training, concise goals, and objectives for each position to grow professionally.

At Your Service

Always striving for perfection.

The benefits of estate management services provide owners with peace of mind, as well as a savings in operational costs.

I’m looking forward to discussing how I can bring world-class and customized service to your properties.
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Member Of The International Guild Of Butlers & Household/Estate Managers

How may I be of assistance ?
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